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A visit to Addo Elephant National Park - Port Elizabeth

16 Sep 2015

When I visited an elephant park the other day, I found it to be an awesome experience. 

I had the experience of seeing, hearing and understanding many other facets of these amazing animals. I heard about their general habits, how their social structure operates with each other and how they relate to each other. I learnt that they are generally led by a senior female who is the matriarch of herd. I heard how the baby elephants are nursed in herd. I also learnt about their diet and how much water they need to stay healthy. 
We were also able to walk with some of them, touch them and take some nice photos with them. 
The main result of this amazing experience was a lasting love and respect for this wonderful creation of God's creature.
Khaya and Elephant Addo Elephant park Zebra's