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2016 African Continental MTB Champs

16 May 2016

This year we took 4 riders to The African Continental Championships, which take place at the AfrikSki Resort in Lesotho. It is known to be a very challenging race, considering the riders ride at an altitude higher than 3000m above sea level and the weather can be rather unpredicatble.

2016 has been a bit difficult year to try and control everything, and that's because I tried to put everything into one goal. The Absa Cape Epic was my main goal for the year, even though I knew anything can go wrong on that 8 day stage race. And that is exactly what happened! I got sick during the Absa Cap Epic and as a result I didn't really race the way I wanted too. That put a bit too much pressure on me going to African Champs two weeks later.

African Champs 2

I didn’t take few days off to recover after the Absa Cape Epic. I was stressed about getting ready for African Champs, and ultimately that didn't end well for me on race day.

We arrived in Lesotho two days before the race, In order to have tim to practice the course.  It was a really nice course with lot off climbing not too much technical areas. On the race day though, I thought I was feeling good and ready to race but I was all wrong.

The race started at 14h00, like always, and the start was not as crazy as it can be for the SA cups. The guys took it a bit easy because of the high altitude. I tried to keep my 8th place after the first lap, because I could feel that I just can't go any faster. My legs were sore and my body was really tight. I got a puncture in the rock garden on the second last lap and lost 2 positions. After fixing the puncture I tried to fight back, but because of the high altitude you can only try and stay consistent without going too close to your limit. If you push hard for 20sec you never recover from it.

I ended up finishing on a disappointing 11th place. I am looking forward to feeling 100% recovered and back in my racing mood.

Azukile finished 17th, Sandiso finished 19th and Darryn finished 3rd in his category. It was a successfully weekend I think.

Thanks for the support and cheering. Also a big thanks at for making this trip possible for us and @specializedZA for believing in me.