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2015 Adelaide ITU Duathlon World Championships

17 Dec 2015


10m, before I head on to the start waited to be called up.

We started as wave 1, two groups together (age 20-24 and 25-29). On the start line I was in the second line but that didn’t mean anything. On the first 2km I was in 6th place,  as the race went I moved up in the placement. In the first lap I was in the leading group, we were three guys in front heading in to the second lap. The guys started running faster and I got dropped down to 3rd place on the first run (2 laps of 5km each)


On my way into the transition I could see the guys heading out onto the bike course, and I hadn’t even entered the transition yet. I remember thinking that this was going to be a hard day at the office if I wanted to finish first in my wave, which was a part of today’s goal. If I didn’t finish first in my wave I for sure wouldn’t finish first overall. On with the helmet and then a fast run out of transition. A successful flying mount and now it was time to put my head down and push some watts to do a lot of catching up (once again). 

Azu - Duathlone World ChampsBike

The bike course was as simple as it can be. It consisted of 4 laps of 10km each. The course was almost as flat as it can be with some slight inclines and declines. The competitors started to overtake me with a much higher speed. Then I did make one mistake. I didn’t count what position I was in. But in reality it wasn’t “need to have”-information! It was more like “nice to have”-information, as I should just focus on myself and push as hard as I could. At the turn around I quickly counted and found myself in 5th position. I didn’t count the seconds I was behind.

Competitors had made their way onto the bike course and it was increasingly difficult to see who was from my wave. With 1 lap to go two guys passed me. I looked at them of course, and they put on their poker face looking like they were going for an easy ride when they passed me. Back on with the “cry face” after they passed me. With around 1km to go I tried to push as hard as I could going out on to the run if I didn’t make any mistakes in T2 (which I’m unfortunately quite used to and haven’t had a “perfect” transition yet).


Fast run into transition and placed my bike. Found the spot and did the T2 in the correct order. Rack bike - running shoes on - bike helmet off - and turn number belt on while running.


I’ve seen afterwards that I am in 8th place. I went out hard during the first of the run as I always do. You just have to accept that running doesn’t feel good and easy during the first part and at some point it’ll loosen up and you’ll feel good. The surprising then is how far into the run you’ll loosen up. I loosened up after 2-2.5km and found a consistent pace.

With around 1km to go I overtake one guy then I was in 7th place. After having crossed the finish line I went straight to the competitors and congratulated them, waited for the others and congratulated them as well with their performances.

Group photo - Duathlone World ChampsThanks to the sponsors that made the trip a success


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