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2015 Absa Cape Epic: Prologue

15 Mar 2015

If the prologue is anything to go by, the racing at this years’ Absa Cape Epic is going to be FIERCE!  But the Epic is not won on the prologue and tomorrow is where it all begins!

 This week has been action packed for the kids! On Wednesday they got to experience world class racing on their doorstep in Kayamandi. Today, with the outing to the Absa Cape Epic prologue where they got to see their hero’s in action at the start of a race which they are in awe of.

songo kids @ prologue 

The kids proudly wearing their team kit waiting for their hero's to start.

 Their anticipation and excitement as they watched their hero’s roll off the start ramp was special to witness and the performance by Investec-songo-Specialized (1&2) is a great inspiration to them.

 Sipho Madolo & Azukile Simayile (Investec-songo-Specialized 2) are shining examples of the power of a foundation such as Having risen up through the programme, they are great role models for the kids as to how to approach life - not only with hard work and drive but also with caring hearts and generosity. 

 Azu & Sip @ the prologue

Azu & Sipho @ the prologue.

Azu & Sipho have been extremely focused and dedicated in their preparation for this years Epic. Their sights are set firmly on not only winning the Exarro jersey but also being a team noted within the African Jersey category.  There was a healthy bout of nerves this morning as they rolled up to the start line but once they were given the go – the nerves disappeared and they gave it their all! We are so proud of their performance today coming 34th in the GC and 12th in the African Jersey category and tomorrow we will see them racing Stage 1 wearing the Exarro leaders jersey!

Smiles all round for Azu & Sipho

Smiles all round for Azu & Sipho after finishing the Prologue. 

Jaro and Susi (Investec-songo-Specialized) went out onto the prologue course with guns blazing, their intention clear for all to see. Finishing the prologue in 3rd position is a great start for our team but there is no doubt of the overall position they have their eyes & hearts focused on! We are behind them every second and km of the way where they race not only for the prestigious title but also to inspire the kids that proudly and passionately cheer for them!

 Susi & Jaro out on the prologue course

Jaro & Susi, men on a mission.

Prologue podium

The Prologue podium: 1st Novus OMX pro, 2nd Bulls, 3rd Investec-songo-Specialized