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2013 Absa Cape Epic: Stage 5

22 Mar 2013

Our BurryStander-songo riders are true champions! We could not be more proud to be associated with such outstanding athletes, on the course and off the course. Their focus, power and determination is what set's them apart and shows us all why they have accomplished the results that they have.

And today was no exception. 

Yesterday's stage Christoph Sauser and Jaroslav Kulhavy did something quite extraordinary. They went from being nearly 9 minutes behind the Bulls 1 team to making that and more on the Bulls, to claim the yellow jersey even amid the controversy of the missed turn taken by the Bulls only a few kilometers from the finish. Christoph and Jaroslav went out again today with a vengeance; you could say they had a point to prove!

And did they prove; they did! On such a short course, with so many competent cross country mountain professional racers in the Epic, it was remarkable to see the leaders time gap grow and grow.

Nino Shurter and Florain Vogel definitely had podium position as their goal today too. Especially on a stage that really suits cross country champions of their caliber. They were with Christoph and Jaroslav through waterpoint 1 and all the way through to waterpoint 3. After waterpoint 3, Jaroslav found an extra gear and revved the pace up a few extra notches. Susi recounted this on the finishline, saying he had to work so hard to hold onto Jaroslav. It seems Jaro truly is a phenomenal all-rounded mountain biker. We all know this Olympic gold medalist is the best cross country rider, he can climb mountains too and seems to have a gear beyond any other rider on the flats. 

Asked today in the press conference if Jarslav really is as strong as everyone says, Karl Platt commented that yesterday, 6 men were working hard on the Bainskloof climb to close the gap, but Jaroslav keep charging, setting a pace that saw the gap growing and growing. 

Sauser reminds us of his professionalism and absolute consistency. He has dominated the world of mountain biking for so many years, and still continues to prove that he is a champion going from winning so many cross country racers to continuing this in marathon and stage racing.

While the time gap has grown for BurryStander-songo, it is still small and the riders have a big stage ahead of them tomorrow. We send all our good luck and best wishes out to them. Tomorrow they make their way to Stellenbosch, Christoph Sauser's home away from home for the past 10 years and where Kayamandi is located. That will surely put a little extra kick in their pedal stroke. What's more the songo boys will be waiting at Stellenbosch High School.

Have a good ride tomorrow. We will be supporting all the way through.