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  • Upgrade the BMX Program

    Project Budget R80 000
    Project Manager

    Songo Fipaza &
    Kathy Crabbe

    082 8989 850
    Completion Date 30 September 2011
    Project Status Green
    Project Overview

    The upgrage of the BMX Program entails several activities:

    • Upgrade and extend the BMX track
    • On-board an expert to assist with coaching and training (Swen Lauer)
    • Obtain BMX kit for the kids
    • Obtain start gate for the BMX track
    • Assess and fix BMX bikes
    • Obtain tools to maintain BMX bikes
    • Implement a BMX bike maintenance program
    • Create a training program and race schedule


    Latest Update

    The following updates were recorded on 04 August 2011:

    Upgrading and Extending the BMX Track

    • Songo has obtained approval to use sand from the Stellenbosch Municipality to upgrade and extend the course
    • Songo has met with Meurant Botha to discuss extending the course
    • Swen Lauer has offered his assistance on the BMX course design

     On-boarding BMX Coaching Expert

    • Angelique has met with Swen Lauer who will provide with proposals for coaching

    Obtain BMX kit for the kids

    • Kit has been designed
    • Children sizes have been obtained
    • Order has been placed

    Start Gate

    • Angelique to follow up with Nathan from Strandfontein
    • Rollers to build the track
    • Assistance with extending the track
    • Start Gate
    Next Steps
    • Contact Nathan from Strandfontein
    • Follow-up with Meurant
    • Follow-up with Swen
    • Investigate BMX helmets
  • Setting up an office for in Kayamandi

    Project Budget R5000
    Project Manager

    Kathy Crabbe

    082 8989 850
    Completion Date 15 July 2011
    Project Status The project is on target to succeed
    Project Overview has applied for to rent an office in the Kayamandi Tourism Corridor. The office will be used to run the program as well as to provide afterschool study facilities for the kids.

    Latest Update
    • songo has been awarded tender for office B3
    • Lease has been signed by Songo Fipaza
    • Carpeting is being sourced from Dianie Lambrechts
    • Office furniture has been donated by Johnson & Johnson
    • Carpeting (To be provided by Dianie)
    • Printer, Fax Machine & Copier (Outstanding)
    • Computer (1 Computer, looking for further computers for the kids to use)
    • Office Furniture (To be provided by Johnson & Johnson /Rehidrate)
    Next Steps
    • Pay Deposit & First Month Rent (Angelique)
    • Get office dimensions (Songo Fipaza)
    • Arrange carpeting (Dianie / Songo)
    • Follow up on Printer donations (Angelique)
    • Arrange for collection & delivery of office furniture from J & J (Nic Lamond)