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There are a wide number of areas and projects where we would greatly welcome assistance - some specific projects at the top of our list are as follows:

Palisade Fencing:

Upgrade the security of our clubhouse, storage containers and BMX track by erecting palisade fencing around the area.



BMX Track Maintenance Support:

 Digger needed for 2 days (1 day hire = R3,800).



Pump Track Build:

Digger needed for 1 day to move soil.



Full Tummy Project:

We would like to provide our kids with sandwiches in summer and soup in winter when they arrive at our clubhouse. Support will allow us to purchase provisions and provide a job to someone.

Kitchen appliances needed: Hot plate, toaster, snackwich machine, urn, large pots, cutting knives, plastic plates, plastic bowls and spoons.
Groceries needed: Bread and sandwich fillings, fruit and soup ingredients.



Small MTB's:

We have a number of our younger BMX kids wanting to move over to MTB but we don't have enough small bikes available. We welcome the support through donations to allow us to purchase some.  



Trailer maintenance and branding



General service and rebranding the van



Year end camp and Christmas activity:

Support for a year-end team building camp and a special activity for the kids.



Holiday Program:

Support for educational outings during the school holidays.



per holiday program

Exercise Books:

Blank writing books for our kids to practice extra homework activities in.



Household Cleaning Products:

Cleaning products needed to clean the clubhouse including surface & tile cleaner, windowlean, handyandy, dishwashing liquid, toilet spray, toilet duck etc.

Washing detergents and softeners also needed for washing cycling kit and towels.



Club Maintenance:

Short term assistance with paints, wood varnish, and basic wear and tear.
Long term assistance with alterations to include additional storage area and larger windows within the clubhouse.



Homework Assistants:

Volunteers welcome, Mon – Thursday between 3pm-6pm.




We are in need of staff & student laptops - contributions to purchase or 2nd hand donation.



Support with monthly running costs.


R12,000 p/a

Race calendar support:

While many race organisers are very generous in sponsoring the race entries funds are needed in order to support the travel to and from, accommodation (if needed), meals and other incidentals.



National BMX League meetings:

Attending the 3 x National BMX league meetings around the country. Costs include accommodation, travel & food.



Bike spares:

As you can imagine our bikes take a hammering with daily riding. We are continuously in need of spares new or in good used condition.