How to Fundraise for With a GivenGain Campaign


March is a great month for cycling in South Africa. The action gets underway with the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the largest timed bicycle race in the world, and continues with the Champions Race and the Absa Cape Epic. Both the CTCT and the Epic are great fundraising vehicles for so many charities and it is no different for If you are riding either event and would like to race for a meaningful cause please get in touch. is always fundraising, to pay for vital equipment and cover the running costs of our charities programmes. From specific needs like new computers and educational software, to general expenses like transport to schools’ BMX and MTB races. Every cent we raise is spent improving the lives of the children of Kayamandi. 

How to Fundraise for

We use GivenGain to facilitate the Friends of songo fundraising campaigns. If you would like to start a campaign, which we will help you promote please follow these 5 simple steps…

  1. Visit the page on GivenGain, or use the Search option to locate it: 
  2. Click on “Start fundraising” on the event page to register your fundraising project.
  3. When logged in, click on “Continue”  to select fundraising for*.
  4. Edit the details of your campaign to personalise them to your race and fundraising goal. Make it fun and exciting with photos, a video and a story about why you’re raising money for songo! If you have any questions you can check out GivenGain’s FAQ section. All funds raised will go directly to the selected charity, even if you don’t reach your fundraising goal. Tip: Why not make the 1st donation to get your fundraising going?
  5. Share your fundraising project link with friends, family and colleagues via e-mail, WhatsApp and social media, asking them for donations. And keep sharing! 

*Got a question about setting up your fundraising project or need to get your charity registered on GivenGain? Contact for assistance.

Support’s education programme with a GivenGain fundraising campaign.

Tips for Successful Fundraising


Communication is key and passion is power. Tell your visitors why you are fundraising and what direct positive impact their support will have. Better yet, say it in a YouTube video or Instagram post!


A beautiful project page helps to sell your ask. Add a high quality cover image, a profile pic under My Story and some gallery images of you taking action. Got a Gmail account? Why not record a short video on your mobile phone, upload it to YouTube and add the link in the YouTube field next to your gallery images?


What would you do in return for some donations? Perhaps a quick WhatsApp video message halfway through the event to thank all your donors? Or perhaps wear a Barbie outfit if you reach your fundraising target?


Tell friends, family and colleagues about your project through personal e-mails, word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter or your blog. Always include a link to your project page.


Participating in a sports event as part of your fundraising? Show off a visual display of your training by linking your Strava profile to your fundraising account and then adding an update on your fundraising project page.


Keep your donors motivated by taking the time to thank each one individually when they make a donation. This often leads to more donations.


Let your followers know how your fundraising project is going, whether it is preparing for a race or reaching an important milestone, by posting an update on your project page. Always include an ask in your update.


As the saying goes, “1 plus 1 equals 11”. Raise the visibility of your project by asking your network to spread the word about it!


Tug at their heartstrings with the cuteness of the songo Tots.