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Winners of the 2011 Contego Wines2Whales Ride with a Celebrity

Thank you to everyone who took part in the bidding process!

Bidding went on right until just before midnight, making for some very exciting last minute bidding!

Final outcome

Christoph Sauser rides with Trevor Mclean-Anderson

Burry Stander rides with Johan Roos

Dan Hugo rides with Marcel Joubert

Giniel de Villiers rides Simon Murray.

If you missed out on the opportunity to bid, there are still a few entries available via a bidding process with Reeds where will be one of the charities to benefit from the proceeds. More details can be found....

Otherwise there will always be 2012!

Thank you again for all the support! Look forward to seeing you all at Contego Wines2Whales presented by Maserati.

  • Christoph Sauser (Closed)

    Christoph Sauser

    Won by Trevor Mclean-Anderson

    Age: 35 years old
    From: Sigriswil, Switzerland
    Nationality: Swiss
    Passionate about South Africa,
    spends ± 5 months in Stellenbosch
    Career Highlights
    2011 Marathon World Champion
    2011 Absa Cape Epic Winner with
    Burry Stander
    2008 XC World Champion
    2007 Marathon World Champion
    Olympic Bronze Medallist (Sydney)
    2 x Overall World Cup Champion
    14 x World Cup Race Winner

  • Burry Stander (Closed)

    Burry Stander

    Won by Johan Roos

    Age: 24 Years Old
    Home Town: Port Shepstone, KZN
    Nationality: South African
    Recently opened Specialized Concept Store in KZN

    Career Highlights
    2011 Absa Cape Epic Winner with Christoph Sauser
    2010 Runner-up XC Champion
    2010 3rd Marathon World Champion
    2010 World Cup Winner

  • Dan Hugo (Closed)

    Dan Hugo

    Won by Marcel Joubert

    Age: 26 Years Old
    Home Town: Just outside of Worcester
    Nationality: South African
    Currently racing the US Xterra and Triathlon
    Career Highlights
    3 x SA Xterra Champ
    5 x TotalSports Challenge Winner

  • Giniel de Villiers (Closed)

    Giniel de Villiers

    Won by Simon Murray

    Age: 39 years old
    From: Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Nationality: South African
    Profession: Rally Driver
    Loves golf and mountain biking too

    Career Highlights
    2009 Dakar Rally Winner
    2008 Rallye dos Sertões Winner
    2003, 2006 & 2007 Moroccan Rally Winner
    2006 Transibérico Rally Winner
    2001 South African Off-Road Championship Winner
    4 x South African Touring Car Championship