#EpicSolidarity Challenge Raising Funds for songo.info


Ariane Luthi seen here, in action in the 2016 songo Champions Race, is raising funds through her #EpicSolidarity Challenge. Photo by Ewald Sadie.

5 x Absa Cape Epic winner, Ariane Lüthi, is raising funds during the Covid-19 pandemic to aid the songo.info children and their families though her #EpicSolidarity Challenge. The main purpose of the initiative is to raise funds to buy food parcels for the community of Kayamandi in Stellenbosch, South Africa. With the outbreak of the Corona virus and the subsequent 21-day nationwide lock-down in South Africa, the Kayamandi community is extremely vulnerable. Your support will help the people of Kayamandi tremendously during this trying time.  

At the same time, #EpicSolidarity shall bring the cycling community together and give us a goal to work towards: 647km in one month. The Challenge of completing the distance of the 2020 Cape Epic starts 10th of April and ends May 10th 2020. To make things more exciting and give you something to look forward to, Andermatt Swiss Alps has offered a 7-day luxury stay at their 4-star Radisson Blu Hotel in Andermatt  in the heart of the Swiss Alps to attract the many outdoor enthusiasts to this initiative. Everyone who reaches the 647km in the given time, stands a chance of winning this exclusive prize. Important: Multiples of the minimum donation amount of ZAR 200 / CHF 20 / EUR 20 / $ 20 will earn more ‘tickets’ into the lucky draw (Yes, you can always donate again). The winner will be announced in the week of 11 May via email. Click here to get a sneak peek of your dream holiday. 

Win a trip to Andermatt in Switzerland.

Since #EpicSolidarity is more about the cause and the journey rather than the goal, all who made a donation to songo.info in the name of #EpicSolidarity will go into the lucky draw to win a signed jersey of multiple Wold Champion Mathieu van der Poel, brought to you by Canyon Bicycles

Ariane would have ridden the Absa Cape Epic with Alice Pirard (right).

To get started with #EpicSolidarity:

  1. Make sure you have an active Strava account and send a request on Strava to join the #EpicSolidarity Club.
  2. If you won’t be accepted to the #EpicSolidarity Strava Club in within a day, email your proof of payment (or the date of payment) and your name and Strava user name to admin@songo.info. We might not have picked up your payment to songo.info.
  3. Make sure you can track your distance and upload it on Strava if you have to train indoors. If you are one of the lucky ones who can still go outside, simply download the Strava App on your smartphone and start tracking your ride with the Strava App directly by opening the App, press start recording and taking your phone with you on the ride. Don’t forget to strop your ride once your done! Or simply upload your data from your bike computer to Strava; via your laptop or bluetooth.
  4. Get riding! You’re allowed to ride any bike that pedals to take part in the #EpicSolidarity Challenge. Yes, even a E-Bike.
  5. Please share your riding experiences or indoor setup on Strava but also on Instagram by using the hashtag #EpicSolidarity and tagging @songoinfo and @ariane.luthi.
  6. Invite your friends! Anyone can join, also at a later stage. Remember, it’s all about helping the people in Kayamandi. 

Ariane will be interviewing a number of personalities who are connected to the songo.info cause and for whom Stellenbosch, South Africa, holds a special place in their hearts. Follow her Instagram here and get inspired! 

The 2016 MTO Champions’ Race women’s podium. From left to right Lawrence Polkinghorne (MTO Group CEO), Candice Lill (4th), Flora Duffy (2nd), Ariane Lüthi (1st), Annika Langvad (3rd), Vera Adrian (5th) and Christoph Sauser (co-founder songo.info). Photo by Ewald Sadie.