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Specialized Turbo Levo
Soil Searching LTD

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Starting bid: R120,000

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO
Soil Searching LTD

Specialized-Stumpjumper-EVO-Soil-Searching-Edition-1_PhotoCred-trailpartie sml 2

Starting bid: R80,000 & Soil Searching: Shaping Better Futures

This is your chance to get behind the unsung heroes of mountain biking, make a contribution to the work of and pedal away with one of two limited-edition trail weapons, thanks to the crew at Specialized Soil Searching!

Specialized Soil Searching is a movement to recognise and support the trailbuilders who help shape our sport and our stoke. Since 2018, it has provided financial, organisational and outreach support for trail systems around the world.

In 2021 two of Songo,info's graduates embarked on a transformational Soil Searching journey of their own. First, Sipho 'Morgan' Futhela joined Stellenbosch trailbuilder and Soil Searching ambassador, Bennet Nel and his company Ace of Spades. A few months later another Songo, Aphiwe Ginyayo, was learning the ropes from Conrad Stoltz, a true sporting legend in off-road triathlon and certified singletrack stoke provider.

What followed was a true apprenticeship. Morgan and Aphiwe learned everything from trail design to technical trail sculpting practices. They even got to grips with the admin side. Morgan are Aphiwe are now employed full-time by the Winelands Cycling Club as trail rangers. Their job is to marshal the endless Stellenbosch trails, as well as maintain the network and build new trails for you to enjoy. 


This auction celebrates the positive impact Soil Searching has had on the trails across South Africa and the lives of these two young men. Thanks to the generosity of Specialized and the mentorship provided by Bennet and Conrad we have built another pathway into the sport.

If you see Bennet, Conrad, Morgan or Aphiwe out there, be sure to stop for a high-five! In the meantime, place your bids so we can create more internship opportunities like this for worthy graduates.