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BMX program

The kids within the program are introduced to riding through the BMX program, catering for 6-13yrs but not excluding the older children. 

BMX kids With the BMX track being situated on site at the clubhouse, it offers a safe environment for the children to learn bike skills, exercise and have fun. 

Our dedicated BMX & MTB coach, Darryn Stow coaches from the BMX track on Tuesdays & Thursdays for 3 hours and these coaching sessions are a firm favourite with the kids. 

Siyuvile Kepelele, our in-house coaches on alternative days as well as working tirelessly ensuring that the bikes are maintained in good working order.

BMX Kids The BMX program caters for the kids just wanting to ride recreationally as well as those wanting to be more competitive. We regularly attend local BMX league races as well as the 3 National races during the year.