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Education Support Program


Eunice with kidsTo provide the children within the program with a more personal schooling support & resources to help with their studies. 

Offering an environment conducive to learning, we look so ensure that every opportunity is given for the kids in our program to complete their schooling to the best of their ability.




General School Support
Specific Tutoring
Exam Preparation
Computer Literacy
Educational Outings
Tertiary Education Support

General School Support

We have a dedicated educator, Eunice Myataza, who assists the children from Monday to Thursday with their homework and school assignments. 

The children are encouraged to visit the clubhouse daily and complete their homework before going to ride. 

Eunices' specific focus is on assisting the children with numeracy & literacy as well as monitoring the kids term results and performance. 

Homework Specific Tutoring

We have established the need to provide the kids with more specific tutoring within the subjects of maths, accounting & science.

We have placed a maths tutor but are still currently investigating science & accounting tutors.



Exam PreparationsExam Preparation

4 weeks before the exams, we have a focused and dedicated tutor attending weekly to give the kids further support as they prepare for exams.

Computer Literacy

To be introduced once the computer room has been completed, this program will offer the kids basic computer skills training and knowledge.

We will also offer an "introduction to the web" course which will enable our children the opportunity to use the internet not only as a research tool but also a learning tool using online schooling assistance and available educational programs.

Cheetah ParkEducational Outings

Educational outings allow the children to experience historical, cultural and the natural environment, which allows for broader life knowledge and experiences.

To date we have been on a number of outings including visits to Table Mountain, Robin Island, The Aquarium and The Cheetah Park to name a few.

SiphoTertiary Education Support

We believe that education is the key to ending the poverty cycle and while it is imperative to provide as much support as possible to the kids within the program, we wish to continue supporting them as they move into young adulthood providing them opportunity to enter into tertiary education.